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I finally sleep like a normal person!

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I just want to share my success story. As you could probably tell I've had sleep issues for nearly all my life.

I used to wake up in the middle of the night and stay up for hours. Or wake up way early and feel wide awake.

I had been on trazodone for the longest time and that was all that was offered to me for sleep. It obviously didn't take care of my particular sleep issues.

When I was IP my IP pdoc actually recognized that I had insomnia and put me on a real sleep med. I take lunesta now and I actually feel rested and that I sleep like a normal person. Its amazing! I feel more energy too from more quality sleep.

I had never been on a real sleep med before.

So just wanted to say that there is hope out there for all my fellow insomniacs. Talk with your pdoc or sleep dr about all the possibilities out there.

Sweet dreams to you all!

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That's fantastic - I'm so pleased for you.  I've always wrestled with sleep issues too, so I know how this feels.  I believe getting proper rest makes a HUGE difference to us MI types, especially BP.  I hope you continue to feel better.

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OMG I hate my treatment team nurses so much! I cannot believe or even count the number of times I've been screwed over by them. I gave them my mail order lunesta yesterday so that it could be put in my monitored med box. And today? Well of course it's not in there yet. Lazy ass motherfucking assholes. I'm so fucking pissed off; I've had it with their games and laziness! I OBVIOUSLY need the med if a PDOC prescribed it to me! I've been taking it for a week and spent $70 for that week because they couldn't or wouldn't give samples to me. SO, now that they have their bottle of the lunesta, they should do their fucking jobs and get it to me!


I'm not making a special trip all the way downtown just to pick it up either. I have waited hours in that damn office/building for them to get me ONE box of only my bedtime meds. I'm not doing that anymore. They can go fuck themselves.

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I'm sorry that happened!  I'd be royally pissed too.  They don't "get" it that the medication is an every day thing and important to keep on a schedule.  I hate when I call the pharmacy for a med that I need, on like a Thursday or Friday, and they have to order it for that Monday ... they KNOW I get the fuckin medication every month.  So I can only imagine what you are going through!

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