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Adderall and muscle tension/spasms

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Hi all,


I've taken generic adderall IR 20mg 2x/day for several years. I definitely have musculoskeletal issues anyway (constant "injuries"/spasms in the back, neck, etc. with no known cause or only slight aggravation), but my doctors have always noticed pretty bad muscle tension (my massage therapist doesn't even know where to start). I know I'd have issues anyway, but doctors have suggested Adderall can definitely increase muscle tension as it's a stimulant.


Has anyone had this, and anything help? I'm seeing a PT and working on exercise, but that's very challenging as I always end up injuring myself even with trainers! My bloodwork is all normal so no apparent nutrient deficiencies or anything.


Barring muscle relaxers (which don't help me much anyway) anyone know any good solutions? I don't really expect to cure all my pain but anything to ease the muscles a bit (even possibly a different medication) might be worth a shot.

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I don't take adderall, but have experienced the muscle spasms/pain.  For me, my neurologist uses Low Laser Light therapy, which is like a laser beam he puts on my muscles and instantly the pain is gone.  Literally.  It is kind of like a form of radiation.


Have you ever tried physical therapy?  They have so many ways to help ... they can massage, but know certain ways to do it, etc and are specialized in treating things like this.  They also sometimes use a TENS unit, which they hook up to you to take the muscle pain/spasms away.  Not permanently, but a little at a time.  I've never personally gone to physical therapy for this specific issue, but know others who have and it really seems to help.


I haven't tried acupuncture for this specifically, but maybe that might help?  or a chirpractor?



ETA:  sorry I missed the PT line!  Just know that not all PTs have you do exercises; some massage and stuff to help the pain.

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  The adderall probably is implicated in your generalised muscle tension/pain syndrome but I guess that life is not workable without it.  As you are already working with a PT the two other treatments suggested by Melissaw are worth a try.        Acupunture can be very effective for musculoskeletal pain and so can the low light Laser therapy (though it is more akin to laser acupuncture).


Medications that are effective on an ongoing long term basis are the beta blocker Propranolol which can reduce muscle tension and the old antihistamine Hydroxyzine.  Both are ok for long tem use and completely non-addictive.


The bernzodiazepines are good for relief of muscle tension and pain  ...  a bit too good unfortunately as they are really addictive and difficult to use long term as you just keep needing more to get the same relief.      I totally get that some people can use them long term but those folk are the rare and unusual and I certainly am not one of the lucky chosen !                                                                                                                                               

The last group of drugs that can cause reduction of neuro-musular pain are the AAPs and Neurontin in particular.  The problem with long term muscle tension and pain is that it sets up a self-reinforcing feedback loop.   The chronic muscle tension causes pain the quite quickly makes both the sensory and motor nerve pathways trigger happy causing increased pain and a feedback loop that makes the muscles go into protective spasm and reinforcing pain.    It is a lose/lose situation.                                                             


I get amazing pain relief from a combination of the AD  Amitiptyline and the AAP Seroquel.   This is golden cocktail for me.  I also do stretches for the tension and I swim three times a week which both stretches and strengthens my knotty muscles.  I have less pain and i'm much fitter.                

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I was going to suggest amitriptyline and acupuncture. Amitriptyline is given regularly to people that suffer from pain. It works. I have chronic pain issues and amitriptyline helps me tremendously. I can cut way back on my pain pill usage because of taking amitriptyline. It looks like glasssss999 beat me to the suggestions as well as mentioning other things that might help. You've gotten some good suggestions from all the posters to this question.


One thing I'd like to suggest is that maybe you can see if you stop taking Adderall for a couple of days to see if it makes a difference. Clearly, don't do it when you're working but maybe on the weekend (or whenever you have a couple of days to experiment)? You will most likely be very sleepy if you skip it for a couple of days but it might be enough to see if that's the problem. 

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