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it makes sense clozaril fucked me

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My heart goes out to you, melli...


Try not to take it personally? Our MIs have terrible effects. The medications we take to treat them have terrible side effects, if they work at all. Like Crazymeds says, it's a matter of which sucks less. It's a pretty brutal reality. Are you still on Clozaril?

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Thank you glasses x

I know it sucked for you, too, Melissa

Wish it hadn't for either of us

Luna, no

I'm on prolixin injections and zyprexa for antipsychotics

Haven't taken clozaril in

I'm not good with estimating time

I defo had intolerable side effects and it ruined me

Not agranulocytosis, but orthostatic hypotension and bowel issues and a seizure

It works for others though

Which is great

But for those of us it didn't, it's a big deal to have the thing , *the* thing there is for refractory schizophrenia and thats supposed to reduce suicidality fucking make you worse in the latter as you continue to decompensate

And I'm glad to see it wasn't just that I'm the failure

it's them; the hoop failed me, and not I it

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