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Feeling restless and ick

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Hello. New here, as topic states, I'm feeling restless and anxious. Just need to vent somewhere until I go to my IOP tomorrow  morning. I'm feeling a little cloudy too like I can't express what I mean right now. Last night I was really feeling up and I was scribbling frantically in my journal. I did some Wii Fit last night and it didn't help and I walked like 3.5 miles this morning and I'm like, "Aren't these supposed to be healthy coping skills?? Why do I feel weird anyway?". And I don't usually exercise at all so I thought I'd be killing two birds with one stone, getting back into shape and regulating my moods. Oh well. I have to go to a baby shower today at 1:00 and it's only 11:33 so I'm just...ick. Don't know what to do with myself. I feel too restless to do anything constructive that I need or want to do. Even typing this short post out was really hard. Just kinda venting, sorry.

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Thanks, I have tried to use coping skills that I'm actually really learning at my IOP now but a lot of the time they don't work or I'm so far gone that I don't think about them or if I do think about using them I get angry and I literally think "NO. I don't CARE, Fuck it." I hope you're feeling less like I was.

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