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Free me from this prison

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I am having a hard time coping with my anxiety despite my moods being seemingly steady. I am stopping abilify due to intense restlessness, and will plan to be put on something else when I contact my doctor. But despite the abilify help in ridding me of a 2 week manic episode, I have not found relief of my anxiety. My anxiety comes in waves, and when it comes it feels like I have to escape and take off. My heart pounds, my hands tremble, I feel a whole pact of butterflies in my stomach, I get chest pain, and I worry worry worry. Thing is, I have a job. This sets off my anxiety as well. Knowing I am about to be "locked up" at work (meaning expected to work, not go home and cannot leave without discipline) will trigger a complete panic attack. Like how I feel right now. I have a prn medication called tranxene generic name: Clorazepate Dipotassium. However, I feel guilty for taking it when I do. I have counseling tomorrow. Hopefully she will have some insight but sometimes it seems she is too goofy and not serious enough.

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The doctor prescribed the Tranxene to take as needed. If you need it, take it. There's no need to feel guilty. I would take it as often as you need it until you next see your pdoc. If it turns out you've needed it every day, just tell them that. Your daily meds may need to be adjusted if that is the case. It's very common for people to use a benzo around the clock or just pretty frequently when they are manic. Take it easy on yourself.

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