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So basically I grew up as a teenager in the 90's to early 2000's. Doing drugs, alcohol and cigarettes was the norm for "cool". Movies glorified this, especially towards pot.

Do you think the attitude towards substance abuse has changed?

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I work in the club/party scene a lot and drugs are still considered "cool."  It isn't so much about the drugs as it is the feeling that you are superman and that every action is 100% awesome.  


Joyriding a stolen car, puking everywhere and falling down so hard you bust a tooth = not cool but on drugs it's a party!  Most kids come from places with strict authority and it's liberating to them that they can make whatever bad decision they want and then blame drugs later.  

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No, I'd say it's pretty much on the same level it's been for a number of decades and probably isn't going to change anytime soon. Perhaps smoking cigarettes is less glorified in TV and films now than it has been in the recent past, but that's about the only change I can think of.

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