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New to this little sliver of existence

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I found this forum searching for people who were discussing the correlation between sexual orientation and gender identity (not exactly on track to find a board for mental illness). I discovered a nice discussion from 2010 regarding my topic of interest and, liking what I saw of Crazyboards, decided to explore further. 

I'm diagnosed rapid-cycling bipolar 1 and I experience intense mood swings minute by minute and/or hour by hour. It's thrilling. The delusions are fascinating. And I've gotten really used to acting normal. I had someone say to (an unmedicated) me way back in middle school, "you're so lucky; everything in your life is so easy!" Little did she know, she had interrupted a bout of my favorite activity: planning the suicide that would most appeal to the 'spirits' in my head. That ability to act totally normal in my deepest psychoses and blackest depressions is what I am most grateful for. 

I also have gender identity disorder, though I'm far from your typical transguy. I was born a girl. Grew up as a girl, wearing dresses, being fine with that. But I was so genderblind that I didn't realize there were two sexes, and that someday, I would be grouped into the wrong one. I'm planning on having SRS and potentially taking testosterone, but no matter what I do, I'm going to do it with pink fingernails and sparkly eyeshadow. 

I am on my way to becoming a developmental psychologist specializing in gender and sexuality counseling. Gender is my whole life. I am enamored by the different facets and webs that are meshed so intricately together to form the true gender self. 

Hopefully I can gain a better understanding of both of my conditions and what they mean to me and to other people labeled similarly as well. 


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Hello, sir!


You say that you are far from the typical transguy... however I have heard a similar story throughout the interweb. It seems as though some people relate as a feminine transguy, a masculine trainwoman, genderless, gender blind, bi & tri gender, as well as different relations to gender that the general public are completely uneducated on. Many of those stories I have heard here on CB.


The study of gender identity is an interesting one. And unfortunately even though I also study to be a developmental psychologist, I know nothing on the matter! However people at CB, across the spectrum of color & personalities have taught me a lot.


And for the rapid cycling Bipolar crazees, you will most definitely find a lot of information & advice. As well as relations, understanding, & fellow crazy fucked up stories (like my own :frustrated: )


I think you'll enjoy it here dear, sir :nerdy:  So hello & welcome!



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Welcome to Crazyboards.  I ask all new members to read the User Agreement:  if you did that when you joined, then you're all set!


It sounds like you are on quite a journey that won't be over for a number of years.  I admire your optimism and your desire to help other people. 


Let us know if you have any questions about how we operate.



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