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Is it the Xanax or depression causing my weight gain?

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I've gained weight in the last 5 years since being on Xanax. I was taking it initially as needed but it wasn't holding--so I was having panic attacks off and on throughout the day. Then my psych switched me to .25mg 4 times a day--and then switched the bedtime dose to .5mg.

All told, I'm taking 1.25mg-1.5mg a day depending....

I feel flabby, out of shape and have put on weight. I know I'm out of shape because I'm tired just cleaning the house.

Any idea if it's the Xanax or my major depressive disorder that's causing the weight gain?


I had a bunch of tests done and everything is in the normal range including my weight...but I do weigh more than I did say, 5 years ago and I am *not* happy about it....

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Maybe a mixture of both? If I remember correctly, weight gain is one of the more common side effects of Xanax treatment, and it's also a possible symptom of major depression, so teasing out which caused what may be difficult. 

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I think its kind of a case of which came first, the Xanax causing hunger or the anxiety/depression causing hunger.  As you mentioned, our eating and exercise habits tend to go to shit when we're depressed and/or anxious.  I took Xanax for years and I don't feel that it caused me to eat more, but YMMV.  I think trying to establish healthier habits is an excellent idea all the way around.

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