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Do symptoms preclude the mood?

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Let me preface by stating I was manic all summer. I was moderatly manic, I didn't go insanely batshit but I had my extremely obnoxious moments... went on Abilify which slowed me way down, and to the point where it made me sleepy and kinda dumb. Now ...


Ok so the checklist:

- Sleepy
- Lethargic/lack of energy
- Bored easily, starting to not do usual activities
- Body aches ahoy, matey!
- uh oh, drinking more than usual. 1 drink? Screw that, why not have 3?
- Food? Nah no thanks I'll just sit here and stare at it.

The thing is - My MOOD is pretty good. I canalso  concentrate pretty well. I feel not necessarily 'happy' but pretty content, I'd say. No complaints about mood here.

Is this a pre-cursor? Is this an uh-oh, watch out for it, it could come at anytime? How often does this happen? Are these symtpoms prodormal? Do any of you have the physical or physiological symptoms before the mood symptoms? I don't understand whats happening to me.

I phoned the pharmacy who is faxing a request to my pdoc's office to have him 'up' my Lamictal to 150 from 100. I think this will help steer me clear of full-blown depression. Any thoughts?

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For me, a lot of my episodes (of all kinds) start with smaller symptoms, like my sleep will start getting fucked up, or my appetite, or my energy levels, or my ability to tolerate the daily bullshit of life, or I will notice my thought pattern becoming darker or more restless/urgent, things like that. It's a subtle downturn or upturn at first that I sometimes don't even notice. Then come the major mood disturbances. It's a gradual thing at first, for me.

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first off, how much abilify are you on? 


i get this way from your checklist when i'm started a depressive episode. i have no motivation and very lethargic. i also get extremely irritable. 


you prob need to stay away from the hooch if you can- alcohol is a depressant, and doesn't play well with a lot of medications.

never mind, i see. 5 mg. 5 mg made me very lethargic. it wasn't enough of an antidepressant. i hit 10, and BAM. energy, good sleep with trazodone. maybe a med tweak is in order?

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You are on a very very small dose of abilify. I'm glad it's helping you at that level.


I don't think asking your pdoc to up your lamictal is a bad idea. Especially if you are having warning signs of depression. You know yourself best and by asking for an increase it means you can tell that something is up. I hope you are not slipping into depression. Lamictal really helps a lot of BP folks with their depressive symptoms.


I have warning sign symptoms too for episodes. Maybe now that you recognize some you can keep track of your moods better.


One of my big red flags is change in sleep (as in hours of sleep or quality of sleep).


I hope you feel better soon.

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I stopped taking the Abilify because actually at the 5mg I was still too 'up' and at 10 I was sleepy and lethargic and lazy... so I just stopped. I was becoming a zombie, which I don't like. So thats off the table, but still have the sleepy/lethargic thing so I think its a pre-cursor to depression and I realllly do't want to become depressed. I am miserable when that happens and it effects every aspect of my life negatively. So I started the 150 of lamictal and hope it helps.

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I hope the upped lamictal helps mitigate the depression,Spirals. I feel you. My dose of amitriptyline and lithium were upped recently to try and cut off the impending fall/winter depression I've been noticing before it gets serious. Such is the life of a crazy, I suppose.

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