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Because sanity is boring...

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Hi everyone. This is my second day on here. I was browsing the web and researching some medicine that I take and I found this forum. After being glued to the screen for a solid hour I decided I should probably join up :)

Anywho I chatted on here yesterday and everyone called me sooner..but my name is Angela. I don't mind if you call me that. Whichever. :) I'm just a big Oklahoma University fan, hence the "Sooners."

So about my dx..I had a major manic episode when I was 17 and had to be taken out of school and hospitalized for awhile. That one was particularly bad because I hadn't slept in weeks... I am 24 now and in the last 7 years have had I think...5 major manic episodes. I'm classified as bipolar I. It's hard for me because when I am stable I don't want to take my medicine because I feel normal and because of all the side effects but that gets me into trouble eventually. I've also had bouts of depression and panic attacks, you name it.

I've been reading up on BPD and I think I might have that as well. Not sure though. My current pdoc wants me to go to the city and have some testing done including iq and personality and stuff to determine a more accurate dx.

Well I guess that about sums it up.

To end on the great words of jimmy buffet, "if we weren't all crazy, we'd go insane." :D

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Personality "inventories" from what I recall, which are these endless questionnaires about yourself. I was also interviewed at-length several times before the diagnosis was made. My old therapist and psych nurse had suspected BPD or at least traits thereof for a long time, so this was the culmination of years' worth of getting to know me and my history.  

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