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How fast can I expect Abilify to work?

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And what is it going to look like in my 12 year old son who may or may not have bipolar?


To start I know this is a first person site.  But this is my son, who is a part of me, looks like he has mental issues like me, and was literally physically a part of me 13 years ago.  If this breaks the rules, mods feel free to lock.  However, in all honesty, I'm hoping someone responds before you do.  


Anyway, he's officially ADHD, and has been having rages.  I've had long talks with our pediatrician, who knows I'm bipolar myself, and he thinks this is the start of bipolar disorder in S1.  (Of course, I have psych docs - regular psych docs not trained in autism - thinking it's autism, but that's a whole thing I'm not sure I believe and I've been blogging about.)  In any case, sometimes you just have to go with treating symptoms.


Anyway, we tried treating the rage symptoms with Celexa.  The rages, which would generally last for an hour, have significantly shortened.  But they are also much more frequent.  As in almost daily now.  So at the last appointment, the pediatrician suggested either upping the Celexa or adding Abilify or both.  


We upped the dose, and no real improvement.  So I called in today saying I wanted to go ahead and add the Abilify.  My questions are simple:  How soon will I see improvement?  Is it like ADs in which we'll have to wait several weeks, or does it move much quicker?  What other things should I expect in a 12 year old starting Abilify?  What if it's not the right thing?  What is it going to do to my kid?  


And for the record, I think it sucks that my kid, whom I love more than life itself, inherited my fucked-up brain.


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Took me about 7-8 weeks to see the real effect of Abilify kick in.  At first it *seems* to work, but then it seems not to, until it is finally in your system after about 2 months.


Everyone is different, so Idk how it will affect your son.  If it isn't the right thing, the pdoc can maybe change it, but I'd give it a good 7-8 weeks before deciding unless some serious side effect happens and he needs to stop immediately (whatever that may be).

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Uh, shit I don't know for those symptoms. My experience my not help at all, but I'll throw it out there anyway.


I started taking it (with Wellbutrin) and I noticed a difference in DEPRESSIVE symptoms in three freaking days. Thought that was amazing. Personally, I would still get hypo on it though.


It is NOT your fault, so, please don't think that. Yeah, it does suck and I can't imagine. My kid is only six now, but I worry about it all the time. I look for symptoms of ANYTHING all the time. She is NOTHING like I was as a kid, so that's a comfort right now, but really, I know that it could come up at any time. Scary. I hope he gets better and if the mods close this, you could probably move it to the parenting section, talk about how badly it's affecting you and get more responses. "Anyone else have a kid with MI that has been on this drug or what is your personal experience with this drug? I understand that adults have different reactions than children." Like that.


I hope it works out for him, truly. I'm sorry you are both going through this.

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