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Temazepam vs. zopiclone experiences

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Hello! After some unsuccessful months on zopiclone, I've been put on 10mg temazepam (Restoril) for insomnia and night-time awakening. However, I'm having a really odd experience with it.


The first couple of days I was on it, I really missed zopiclone. Zopiclone 7.5mg made me have lucid dreams without even trying, and they were always very diverse and easy to control and introduce new elements. Admittedly, I often didn't sleep at all on it despite going to bed and taking the pill at a normal time, and I woke up up to 8 times per night (I found myself so bored lying awake that I had nothing to do one night but  count) - but, when I did sleep, zopiclone was great. On the other hand, on temazepam, whilst I got to sleep more easily, I woke up more often, and my dreams were, although sort of cool and subjectively nightmare-free, very repetitive. Every time I fell asleep, for the first week or so, I'd wake up soon after, after a short dream about not being able to wake up, getting out of my body, and wandering around wherever it was I'd fallen asleep (usually my bed, but I tried to nap in a doctor's waiting room), bugging people to wake me up. It was fun, but I wished that dream-me hadn't gone around asking people to wake me up so soon, because that was always the trigger to actually awake!


Since that first week, my ability to remember my dreams has almost entirely gone, like before I was on sleep meds - I wouldn't say that I didn't dream, because I honestly don't know whether I dreamt or not! But I'm still waking up an awful lot - I'd say, more so than I did on zopiclone.


A good thing about temazepam is that it's put a lid on my problem with moving around violently in the night and waking up with my covers on the other side of the room, something which I suspect might have been zopiclone-fuelled. However, I'm still not sleeping much on it, except on those few lucky days.


What would you, as lay people, advise I go tell my doc tomorrow? I'm willing to try higher doses of temazepam (10mg is equivalent to 5mg Valium, not enough to calm me down, let alone knock me out!), or other meds.



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Why is dreaming important? Are you using the meds to induce sleep in times of insomnia?


I don't use Zopiclone because it gives me horrible night terrors. I am not really given benzos because they are so habit forming, I get one or two now and again for major sleep disturbances. For me, insomnia tends to precede an episode, or make me more vulnerable to a crisis, so finding a sleep med is key for me. Maybe I am tired but I'm not sure whether this is your goal.


As for dreaming, dreaming is a natural process that happens independent of whether you remember it. If your sleep cycles happen as they should, remembering a dream is not necessary to mental health.

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