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This aint exactly a tv series but things i think are normal everyone tells me is either mania depression or psychosis. i just dont see it at the time.

I'm going to tell you right now i'm going very well on medication and i want to give you an example of a few things i've been told are odd in the past and get your opinion on it

I accussed my neighbours of spying on me and said they were aliens from another planet and they knew my plans to save the human race and wanted to stop me so i attacked them and polic got called and i tried convincing police they should be arresting them because they are conspiring against me and are aliens in disguise and want to take over the world and make us all slaves. i also that night smashed the door in with my hands covered in blood and started chewing on glass... apparently that's psychosis but i dont see it it's normal to me

I've taken fatal medicine overdoses and been in intensive care unit 5500mg serequol and also gassed myself in the car, stepped in front of a car, cut my wrists, everyone says it's suicidal ideation and depression but i dont see it.

I'll stay awake for 3 days and go on massive spending sprees with lots of sex and impulsive buying and get grand plans and work on several projects at the same time, i'll also over indulge and i'll be extremely irritable as well it almost feels ;like i'm high sometimes. apparently that's mania.

What are your personal views? Are they really right?Do i really have bipolar1? can i be cured? i 'd hate to think i have this for life

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Sometimes people can see things more clearly from the outside then I can when I'm symptomatic.  I don't know if my opinion will hold any more weight than the people who have already mentioned it, but the things you describe do sound like some sort of psychotic symptoms.


Bipolar is a chronic condition but a lot of people live fulfilling lives with it.



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If you look up some of the symptoms of Bipolar I, they jive with what you've been going through: paranoia, psychosis, spending sprees, suicidal ideation.  Here's a link that will provide you more information on BPI:  http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/topic/59688-bipolar-just-been-diagnosed/


We can't diagnosis you, but as Emperor said, a professional has dx you with BPI and put you on medications.


I know it sucks to learn you have a chronic illness.  Hopefully CB can be helpful to you.

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I hear you say that you don't view it as illness, but that it is your normal.

You also say you don't want life to be like this forever.

It is okay to be in pain and want to make that pain end, whatever label you use for the pain. Whether you have bipolar or not, being arrested, taking overdoses, chewing glass, it doesn't sound like a good life. And you deserve a good life. Would it help to test this bipolar theory by working with a professional you trust? Perhaps you won't know till you try and at this point, what have you got to lose?

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Hey guys yeh my whole life i have had behavioural problems and councilling, it was only when i got to age 25 living the dream at the snow with 10K in the bank and still depressed i realised i had a problem.

I initially went in voluntry for depression and on my 2nd day i attempted suicide and was involuntry, i went into a manic psychotic rage diagnosed bipolar1

i was on the systemtrialling new meds not much worked, eventually they found a medication solution that worked with me although i was not really compliant. I moved back home and had a 2nd suicide attempt was flown intensive care by plane to the city for treatment after a 5500mg o/d diagnosed BP2 i did a short stay and came home

over the years everthing got worse i had hundreds of hospital trips for aggressive behaviour, delusional behaviour, suicidal behaviour. I was put on a good medication program that eventually worked and i saw a new doc, the new doc said personality took me off meds and said they were the problem anyway symptoms returned...

Same BS again lol i saw a new doc who put me on new meds that worked been good ever since anyway the new psych doc said bp1

2 psych docs say BP1
1 psych doc says BP2
2 psych docs say BPD

Most agree it's both due to life traumas as well as my previous history

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