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My pdoc is basically going to have to follow up on my visit with a substituted doctor next time I have a


visit. Basically, he raised my Risperdal level because he said we need to stop my mood swings before


I can be placed on a quote unquote "non-stimulant medication that will help me focus better". The only


thing I can think of is Strattera. I have no clue if there are others. When I see him again I will see what


exactly this substitute doctor was talking about. Only time will tell. As for the depression that is basically


part of my mood swings.



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Hi Level_With_Me, 


Have you thought of starting a blog here on CB? That would be a good place to post updates on your treatment. As well, a blog can be used to log how your treatment is going, so that you have a record over time. Or, you can use it to just rant and vent too! I know I do that! 


If you're looking for comments on your entries, you can start by reading and commenting on other people's blogs. Blog-land is really supportive and you get a variety of responses! 


Anyway, hope to see you around and feel free to post questions and the like on the forums. :)

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