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So I should be happy since I finally quit my job. But now I am feeling low/depressed. I feel desperate and alone. I feel like once again I have failed at life. I keep getting flashbacks to the time when I overdosed and was in the ER, tried to get up out of bed and collapsed. I don't know why that specific memory of that event but it shakes me up. Maybe it in a way relates to how I am currently feeling, like I quit out of desperation, and now I am trying to get up too soon and am falling?? I don't know. Just needed to let that out.

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I'm sorry you are hurting so much right now, but I am glad you posted.


Quitting a job does not mean you have failed at life.  In fact, it could mean that you are making your health a priority and are taking care of youself.


Thinking of you.

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It's better to quit a job when you are somewhat under control, than to be fired because you are disruptive, or really, really crazy.


I understand that feeling of failure at just living my life. I've felt, and sometimes still feel, that way. But you know what? Sometimes shit just happens, through no fault of your own. You didn't purposefully become mentally ill, you just drew the short straw.


Give yourself a little credit for knowing that you are in trouble, and taking steps to preempt a disaster. There is no need to compare yourself to others, who didn't win the crazy lottery, even though it may fell like you are missing benchmarks. There are actually no benchmarks to meet, however much you may feel that way.

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