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Half-formed alters?

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It's possible to have fragments, yes. Those happen.

Or, here's another possibility - we have someone here who (while verbal) mostly just cries and moans. And when she's near me, that's what I hear, too. According to tdoc it's because he didn't let us make much noise (there were physical repercussions for crying out) so now we have someone who has all of those cries that we weren't allowed to make.

It's seriously irritating to be hearing that, though. I think it took me almost a week before I could befriend her enough to isolate what was going on. One thing you can do is to try having a sound-proof room inside where folks like that can live. Or giving them a sound-dampening blanket to wrap themselves in. Something like that. Of course, you still need to find them first...

I don't know how to make the crying stop. Our girl, she just does that. Maybe one day she'll get it out... but that hasn't happened yet. Maybe yours just needs love or a hug or to be heard? 

In the meantime, while folks are hunting down the crier, just try to look after yourself. I know it's really hard when your head is so loud and distracting.

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I cry a lot. *looks embarrassed* To some degree similar to what WinterRosie described, I express pain, sadness, crying, stuff like that. I can't really say why because I don't know, but it is somehow allowed for me to express those feelings. Alex was punished for the expression of anything seen as negative emotion so thus learned never to cry or be hurt or sick ect. Somehow it was deemed "safe" for me to do it so long as not around the members of our family. I figure that it was probably okay for me because my role also involved physically  taking pain and abuse that occurred in another setting in which i was expected to cry or be hurt worse. Anyway, whatever the reason, I wound up being a very sensitive person who cries very easily. I don't just wander about inside wailing though. Well not often :) I find myself crying at least once a day though, usually more. It just comes so easily, i can't stop it. Plus, I feel very intensely and passionately.  


I am in no way half formed either though. To answer the question, we have some folks up in here *points at head* who are half formed so yes its totally possible. We have a baby who cries sometimes. When the crying happens someone, usually Geraldine aka Geri, comforts the baby by cooing or singing. That loving attention seems to calm and quite.

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