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Are my side effect normal? I guess at the end of the day it sure as hell beats been crazy right! Will these stay or go? just curious what are some longer lasting side effects of these meds?

Upset stomach if i dont eat with meds
Tiredness in afternoon from pristiq
Muscle cramps
Numbess in hands and feet
Stiffness of body
Dry mouth in morning

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I do agree with ladybug that you need to talk with your doctor.  However, you can't expect to take ANY meds on an empty stomach and have a good result.  Whether it's a psych med or a blood pressure med, or a thyroid med----it is always a good idea to take your medications and vitamins with food.  I imagine that most of us would have an upset stomach if we took our meds without food or at least a glass of milk or something.



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I agree with olga, the only meds I take on an empty stomach are those which the prescription label explicitly says to (like Ambien). Dry mouth, yeah, you're probably gonna have that on a lot of meds. I have awful dry mouth and just try to drink a lot of water and chew gum, which helps marginally. But the more serious side-effects you mentioned should definitely be discussed with your doctor.

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Everything psych med I've taken in the past 3 months has caused varying degrees of dizziness, depakote sucked so bad for this, lamotrigine just a slight (losing it) of walking, lithium again just a slight dizziness that seems related to stress.  Since I take diabetes meds, I'm pretty used to eating before I take meds.  Soy milk works just fine.  Dry mouth comes with most of my meds.  Yes, very dry mouth in the morning that leaves a skanky taste in my mouth.  Depakote gave me headaches and screwed with my ears.  

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