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breakthrough hypo/mania on meds

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I've just finished tapering off 1500 mg divalproex as directed by my pdoc.  I was taking that dose of 1500 mg plus 1200 mg lithium for about two years.  I'm still on the 1200 mg lithium.  I'm starting to feel a little float-away, buzzy, maybe heading towards hypomanic.  


Pdoc will be contacted if this continues.  I do hope it's just a period of adjustment while my body gets rid of the divalproex; I've been on it in varying doses and cocktails for seven years.


What's the highest dose of lithium or other mood stabilizer your mania has broken through?  I know I can go higher on Lithium if needed.  Divalproex, though, please, I don't want to go back on it.  I am maybe starting to feel a tiny bit clearer and less fogged-in without it.  

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When's the last time your serum levels were checked? 


I had regular breakthroughs of hypomania and then a full on mixed episode when I was on 12mg of Invega, which was the maximum dose. So far I've had nothing on lithium, but I've only been on it a few months so I'm no expert. I hope things start to level out. Seven years is a long time, maybe your body just needs to find its balance again without the dep. Keep us posted.

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Whatever it was, it was over in a couple of days.  My lithium level in summer was either .6 or .8 in the tech's scrawl, on the low side.  I have more tests in a few weeks.  Feeling crushed flat is safe and familiar.  


Thanks for replying.  I am genuinely interested in breakthrough levels for different people so if anyone else wanted to weigh in, please do.

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Thanks.  The worst of it was dysphoria, SI and drinking to shut my brain up, plus a little overspending, and starting senseless projects.  The pages of semi-legible frantic journaling are just wasted time and paper.

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