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IDK, loneliness slash annoyance maybe?

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I spent the time between 6;00 and 8:30 today worrying about whether or not my roommates and friends (also my friends) wuold come back from the King of Prussia mall (second biggest in the country) and of course I freaked out thinking I didn't have any friends because they didn't invite me to go out.  


FML right? 




Maybe if you were as angsty as a college freshman could be?


Still no?




well I still feel alone ~7 shots of vodka and one of jaeger in...


Bad internet jokes aside, They're playing GTA V and i just feel so alone.  I don't feel accepted even though by all means I am.  I was thinking they'd be going out now but now we're all taking shots and other not-going-out-things and I still feel the same level of loneliness I was feeling before.  I feel broken.  I shouldn't be lonely right now but I am,  They're in the same room as me but I don't feel much better other than drunk and kinda lonely.  I guess what I'm tryng to find out is what do you guys do to prevent loneliness when you're already feeling down?  

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I can sometimes feel lonely in a room of people. I prefer having a smaller number of friends that I'm closer to and I prefer one-on-one time and deeper conversations. It can be hard because those types of friendships take time to develop. 


What sort of activities do you like doing with your roommates and friends?

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