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So I've been put on Pristiq.

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I am on Pristiq and have been for several months. It has helped me a great deal. I will warn you that a lot of people have side effects when starting this med. But for me and a lot of others I have heard from these side effects start going away after awhile.

There is a thread here on Crazyboards that I found very helpful when I started Pristiq. It was titled 'Pristiq guinea pigs'. It has a lot of information about possible side effects and you can read about many others experiences on Pristiq.

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I've been on it for years.  It was a rough start for me, ie depression worsened before it got better.  You need to give this drug time to work.  works for me, problem is when i don't take it, i get huge headaches, tired.  Typically there's hell to pay if i miss a dose, which in my mind is not a good thing.  

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I've been on Pristiq for about 3 months continuously and the side effects have abated somewhat.  It was messing with my appetite, sleep schedule, and gave me constant cottonmouth for the first 2 months.  I should also mention that my doc put me on it about a 9 months before and I didn't take it regularly as was prescribed. 

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Best of luck, dude.

I used it for about a year, 100 mgs, currently going down to 50 mgs.

It's great, when you need it.

When you can get out of it, do it. The side effects for me were pretty bad. Basically, feeling tired all day, like if my baseline energy level was always lower.

I love sports and I didn't have the energy to do it.


But again, when you need it, those side effects are nothing in comparission to feeling like crap, obsessed & low all day long.

Good luck :D

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