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The therapeutic range (USA) is typically 50-100.  But the range is really only pertinent to its use as an anticonvulsant.  For mood stabilization many people do well sub-50.  But if you're going cold-turkey off your meds, is this of any consequence?


Forget the last bit of snark.  I see you've resumed your meds.  Congrats on a fit of better judgement!

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I did not want to start a new thread so I'll just ask in this one.  :ninja:


I am supposed to start sodium valproate (300mg depot/day), and was thinking if someone here has been on diazepam at same time? How did it work, I just reduced my diazepam to 5mg a day, from 10mg a day.


Also im wondering, will this med turn me depressed...  :Trigger:


I don't know why, but always when starting new med/s, I get scared or at least cautious from interactions, side effects, will they over sedate etc.  :wall:


Experiences/answers are appreciated.


Edit: The pill is now down. I decided that my will to get better is greater than my fear of starting this med. I will report back, when I know how this med affects me. Basically I just fear that I will lose control and do suicide, and I have no desire to die at all, I fear this. But maybe theres another thread to post about this problem, and I will go search for it, or make one myself.


Edit2: Feeling fine, maybe even better, only noticeable side effect seems to be atm, that my stomach is little "upset".

And what comes to this with Diazepam, I haven't noticed its effects getting stronger nor weaker.

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