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well the depression went away....

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well the depression went away-- but then I became hypomanic. in the last week I have spent more than $25,000.


Bought a new car. Didn't need it. the old one was perfectly fine, only 5 years old, and almost paid off.  The plan was to pay off the car and then use the extra cash to pay down the credit card bills that I ran up during previous hypomanic episodes. that wont happen now.


bought more than $500 in clothes and shoes. the plan was to buy an outfit per pay period until I had an updated business casual wardrobe. the plan was not to do it all at once, nor was it to open a new store credit card to do so. I had sworn that I would never open another credit card. well that is out the window.


I did see my pdoc. officially hypo. whoopee!  lowered the dose of my wellbutrin for now, with a plan to increase the dose of my abilify if things get worse or don't get better soon.


Im still driven to shop- though my applications for credit are being declined, thank god.  now though I am starting to have some problems sleeping--waking up several times a night, starting just a couple of hours after going to bed--and having some issues with irritability.


so I think that these are both signs that I may be transitioning into a mixed episode. I just don't know if this necessitates a call to my pdoc, or if I should look at it as a move in a positive direction. or could I just be getting worse?

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You definitely need to call the pdoc. Spending $25,000 in a week is a big deal. Anyway you can undo that at all? Is it going to put you in serious debt or damage you badly? That's concerning! If you're going downhill, into mixed, that is a huge cause for concern. Please see your pdoc, or tdoc. You need to get hold of it before you plummet. What goes up, must come down. Mixed episodes are dangerous. You could hurt yourself. I'm worried. Please, see someone. You know where we are! Keep us updated!

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