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Am I in hell?


Are you trapped with a group of gushing early-teen females in a never-ending Twilight book-club discussion?

(One personal idea of hellish torture.)



Does that mean Justin Bieber is Satan? That explains a lot actually :smartass:


As for your question Surreal I promise you are not in hell. Possibly limbo where there are no answers or working treatments for your pain & fatigue. Nonetheless there is hope in getting back to normal living society :nerdy:

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Didn't they do away with limbo ? or was that purgatory ? In any event I think we all have probably spent more time than we want in whatever name you would like to give "that space"


Yes ....... Tired....... perpetually ...


So, are we depressed because we are tired or are we tired because we are depressed, or because we are taking the wrong meds, or the right meds in the wrong dosage or just because its Friday  ????



Glad you got through the suicidal moment and that you are still with us !

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