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Heyo :)

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I'm bipolar among other things. 


I am not currently taking any meds; I self medicate


My favorite color is blue. I live in Seattle. I am 30 years old.


I am into theater - I do a lot of backstage and design work. I paint and draw. 


I am a highly functioning addict/crazy but it's been getting harder lately. I am glad I found this online community. 

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Hi Lily.  I've been on/off with meds for a while and find myself less functional but I'm more artistically inclined when I don't take them.  Unfortunately, I tend to drift and have depressive spells without my antidepressants which interferes with being creative and productive.  I was wondering if you've experienced anything similar?

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I, too, am more inspired in my art when I am off my meds. My paintings are a way of getting out whatever is inside of me, expressing myself. Very therapeutic, I guess. When I try to work when I am on my meds it feels fake and uninspired. 

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Interesting.  I hear that from other people who are creative professionals also.  I've made the commitment to stay on my current treatment for a year and pursue some creative goals.  I'm going to see where this takes me.  So far my output is more routine but it doesn't have the same inspired feeling to it, as you put it.  I'm hoping I get better quality work out with music and writing with time.

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