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Zoloft and low libido?

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I know this has been talked about before and zoloft does cause low libido but here's my question. I was on zoloft for like 2 years but only 50 mg. I was off it for a while and for the past year I've been on 25 mg. Is 25 mg a high enough dosage to even cause low sex drive? TMI about what I'm gonna say but I'm just trying to figure out if it is the zoloft causing a low sex drive...Sometimes I really want the sex but I feel like I quickly lose that feeling and it doesn't feel all that pleasurable. I have a few insecurities so I'm always wondering if my boyfriends looking at what im insecure about (he never is, its just me and my insecurities) and that could maybe be killing the mood? I'm completely in love with my boyfriend so it's not him that's the problem. I lost my virginity to him a few weeks ago and we still have some trouble having sex just getting started, it can be a little painful for me and It's hard for him to adjust himself and that often takes over 5 minutes so then we both end up getting frustrated so that could definitely be what's killing the mood as well. I'm weaning myself off zoloft anyways because I really don't need it anymore but anyone have any input if that could be what's causing it? 

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I think any dosage level of Zoloft could affect sexual functioning adversely.


But if I may respectfully offer insight into a delicate subject from someone with more years of "experience":


Intimacy is a skill which is learned by spending more and more time with your partner (contrary to what we see depicted in the media). I think everybody's first experiences are a little difficult and not without some disillusionment; mine certainly were (again, no thanks to what popular entertainment would have us believe).


So, I don't think what you are experiencing is abnormal. However, if you continue to be concerned, that is what sex therapists are for, and there is no shame in requesting a consultation.

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