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Abilify and/or Cogentin side effects

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I am trying abilify for the second time but this time with cogentin for akathisia. First day I took it, the cogentin worked for my restlessness. The next morning I woke up feeling like I had the flu though. I went to my fam doctor the next day and assured me I was physically fine. I haven't taken cogentin or abilify for two days (pdocs advise)and I'm still experiencing weakness, nausea and dizziness. Tomorrow he wants me to give it another shot and I'm a little freaked out. Has anyone had an experience or know of someone who has had a similar experience with either drug?

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I had been taking lamictal. Right when I got to 100 mg of lamictal I had 5 days of panic attacks. I stopped the lamictal. My doc wasn't worried about withdrawal from it but I did end up taking a small dose of lamictal once I started feeling terrible. It didn't help but who knows maybe it was withdrawal.

The cogentin is what I'm kind of worried about.

Thanks for the reply.

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So your family Dr. excluded the flu completely? I've heard that it is kind of a tricky flu this year, not exactly as severe as H1N1, but there is some kind of curve ball to the way it presents. I wish I could remember more than that, sorry.

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