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DBT? There's an App for that! Mood Chart? That too!

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This is by no means to say that an App can be a substitute for therapy, because that's just plain nuts!

But if you are in a DBT group or do it individually with your tdoc, then this app may be worth checking out.

I personally hated all the paper waste of the diary cards. Purchasing this App made me feel better about that.

It has refreshers and explanations and diary cards that I believe you can email to your tdoc if you'd like to.

There are also soe CBT apps out there too I'm sure if you'd like an aid for your CBT therapy with your tdoc.

There are anxiety help ones that I've recentl found very helpful.

Who knew?

(note the DBT app I purchased was $4.99. More than I'd like to spend but it has really helped so far. There were other free apps to try out too. So if cost is a factor try the freebies. The anxiety one I like was free for instance. And I'd definitely recommend reading ratings before going all app purchase happy!)

There are mood journal or chart apps too. Many of these are free.

I guess there really is an App for just about anything!

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I have that app - I have a hard time working with it, probably mostly because I find the screen too small and the organization too difficult to navigate.


But if you are more comfortable with handheld devices than I am, it might be useful.

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Know of any apps that are Kindle friendly (Android based, but Google Play apps aren't allowed - stupid Amazon)? Mood, Anxiety or any therapy related apps, actually. My new tdoc is much more hands on and homework-y than my previous tdoc, so I think i'm gonna need em.

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Know of any apps that are Kindle friendly (Android based, but Google Play apps aren't allowed - stupid Amazon)?


On my Kindle Fire I have found apps for many different struggles of mine. I have found apps for speech therapy, many types of anxiety (social especially), as well as for depression. My favorite one I use is a migraine & headache diary to where you can keep track of the types, severity & triggers of your migraine. I have seen CBT diary/self help but I don't know much about them specifically. The only thing I haven't really found in their app store is a general mood tracker that I like; although there is a couple to choose from.


FWIW they have an amazing period tracker as well.


If you go to apps and just search therapy apps there are many :goofy:

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I downloaded the one mentioned. I have a 6.3" screen on my Samsung Galaxy Mega, so it works decently. I can see it being a good tablet app. I have 7 days for a refund, so I'll tinker with it. It's not bad so far.

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