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Glad today wasn't as bad. I'd for sure give the doc a call in the morning. Maybe you could start more slowly or pdoc may want you to stop completely. It's certainly one of those things where if it were me, I'd call.

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Zoloft has helped me with the milder anxiety and also the social anxiety but no effect on the moderate to severe yet. I'm only up to 50mg going up to 100mg in another week or two. But I had horrible side effects when I first started taking it in fact I stopped too for similar reasons as you. In my case the doc started me too high 50 to 100. It was too much to start me on, I cut it down to 25 and it was much more bearable. It took a week before I felt the benefits.  I have read mostly negative results about buspar. Not over the side effect, but it did not help them at all. The best combo seems to be SSRIs with benzos prn. Some people say they benefited from buspar, but not many. If your doc decides to try some thing else it's gonna be a SSRI and Zoloft is popular, but I warn you there will be side effects the first week. There is nothing else for anxiety. SSRIs Buspar, benzos. Good luck to you!

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I am sorry to read that you have stopped taking your prescribed medication. While I understand the repugnancy of side effects, at least sometimes it becomes our "job" to continue to take meds until the worst of them become manageable. It has been my experience that even the most intense side effects lessen as the medication reaches a therapeutic level in our bodies.


I hope that you have been in contact with your physician and are preparing yourself to take the steps to begin to manage your anxiety.

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