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voices that threaten to harm people unless you do what thay say

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Does anyone get voices that threaten to harm people unless you do what they say.voices that are crazy scary and tell you they will kill you blow the world up put people on fire ext pls I need to know this thanks.and also just talk about what type of voices you hear.

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I would call your pdoc ASAP. I get command voices too and they can be very scary you are right. They yell and scream at me sometimes. Very unnerving. You might just need a med increase to help you out. Again I would call your pdoc or if you are in immediate danger of hurting yourself or others then ask someone to take you to the ER.

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Definitely call your pdoc.


I listened to some of the voices, but I was hesitant about the ones that might cause physical harm if I did.  I just let the voices get mad and everything when I didn't do something.  It was hard not to do some things, but because there were so many voices eventually I was distracted away from the ones I was hesitant about, and never did the life-threatening commands.

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I follow orders

But they don't have to do with harming others

Or that he'll harm someone if I don't

The other voices largely come from stuff or people a lot and they're more about others doing stuff to me and not as commanding more commentary and suggestion

People are mostly concerned about my follow through so I can't encourage doing what you're told

I'm not freaked out by them at all though and think that's key

You're distressed being distressed and pressured

I think you should talk to someone to get options for alleviating that distress

Your voices are manipulative it sounds like and unkind to you. Fuck them; people can help to create a plan to defend yourself and not be worried about others being harmed and not be so distressed

In the time since I started writing this I forgot if you said you have an appointment soon or what but if you have situational prescriptions or a pharmacist line and maybe make an appointment

This can probably get a lot better for you

Take care

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I had a lot of these a few months ago, and coincidentally one today. What's helped is trying to keep in mind that it's not possible to be able to hear thoughts out of anyone's head, not by telepathy, cold reading, expensive software and even an mri machine can't pick up whole words or sentences out (and I'm not in one of those ). Them not being real people, they can't hurt anyone else because only you can hear them. I try to remember that the hallucinations are just voices, a voice can make you feel depressed or anxious, traumatised even but it cannot make you actually physically do something. Yes, impulse control is disinhibited but it's not the voice in your head that can hurt people because it can't, only you can choose to decide what to do about it.


I totally echo the others in saying please see a pdoc because then you won't be alone you'll have someone on your side who can help you with meds and therapy.

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