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Everything up in the air, again.

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I've been having so many problems, struggling with things changing in my head, maybe having to revisit my DPD diagnosis, depression and anxiety suddenly rocketing, not wanting to leave the house because it feels like I'm going to be plucked from the earth and dropped into the ocean. Shaking, tired... stomach problems, not wanting to eat because I'm afraid of the taste of food? Wanting to eat the same thing all the time. Cleaning and tidying, my OCD was BOOM. A new job that I hated was the reason my doctor refused to take me seriously this time. So I gave up, and I numbly went through the days just wanting to give up but not knowing how.


We had a meal at my parents and I was seriously ill, cramping was so bad I couldn't breath. I staggered to the bathroom at 4am, almost falling down the stairs I catapulted myself out the door so fast. I had to crawl to the loo, I sat there on the bathroom floor and I couldn't sit up so I just leant against the bath. I couldn't stop throwing up, I couldn't breath I was choking. Never have I been so terrified, I honestly thought I was going to die. And then it was over and I was so drained I just slept for ages. I went to the doctors because the crappy moods and stuff were getting worse, I told her my symptoms, and how they'd just been magnified since that meal at my mums and she's testing me for a gluten intolerance. 


I was GF for about a week and I felt great, but I was careless and had pizza over a week ago and BAM, cramping, dizzy, bloating like a fish. No sickness but in all honesty I ate a LOT of gluteny food that night at my mum's. Pasta, bread, cake, more bread. I think I actually tipped myself over the edge.


Back on GF and I feel amazing, not bloating, I've lost fluid from places I didn't even know I was retaining it from? My head has cleared, and my moods feel better. It's fantastic.


But now, because I was in the process of revisiting my MI diagnosis and being treated for new symptoms, the nurse wants to wait a few weeks until the gluten is out of my system. I have to chart my moods, feelings and behaviours (because sometimes I don't realise I'm on a manic cleaning spree until my hands are dry cracked and bleeding). She's wondering if the lack of energy and moods may be gluten related, and wont listen that I swear I've been like it for over a year... unless I've had a gluten intolerance for over a year, but I think I'd have noticed that? Right? :S


I'm feeling totally lost.

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I have been gluten intolerant since I was a child. I only found out what gluten was and how it related to me a couple of years ago. Many people develop food intolerances as younger people and they get overlooked & some people develop food intolerances as adults. It really depends on the person.


Gluten, for me, causes extreme anxiety & depression; not just gut issues.


Going GF when you have a gluten issue can be amazing. The thing with going gluten free though is that it can take some time because your body has to heal. And when it has healed, eating gluten again can be a shock to your system. The symptoms you had after eating at your parents sound a lot like mine after eating a lot of gluten when I usually don't.


The lack of energy & depression definitely can be attributed with gluten. As for the gluten & mania? I haven't heard much correlation; however it is possible it is gluten related?


Whichever it is concerning you personally, going back GF as well as charting your mood symptoms is a very, very good idea either way. Some people have both gluten intolerance as well as Bipolar Disorder (like myself).


If anything, your treatment for your MI should stay the same. But gluten can give you MI symptoms that are not necessarily a mental illness, and if going back GF helps those symptoms you will be able to get a more accurate diagnosis & treatment for the MI symptoms you have.


EDIT I just wanted to say that because you have gut issues after eating, it may not be attributed to gluten. There are other gut syndromes like Crohn's and IBS that can have similar symptoms. And even if you are gluten intolerant, it may not be attributed to your MI issues. Which is another reason why journaling, as well as going back GF is a good idea. If anything you will be able to rule causes out/in, as well as see your food, gut & MI symptoms correlate (if at all).


I wish you luck on the process! It can be frustrating, but it can also be beneficial :)

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Thank you, that was really helpful! :-)

It all sounded so complicated at first when the GP was going on about it, which is why it was so overwhelming at first because I didn't know where to start. I've been keeping a journal, I have another week to go GF before the allergy testing so some light should be shed onto the situation hopefully. 


I do feel a lot better though! 

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