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Sleeping has gone all to hell

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So, I've been on Ambien for years, much longer than is recommended to stay on it. The problem is it's not working anymore. I can get to sleep fine, but I invariably wake up 3-4 hours later and am up for about two hours before popping ativan to go back to sleep. I realize this is not an ideal solution. I am seeing pdoc on the 14th, and she had talked about lowering my Ambien because of the new studies coming out suggesting lower doses for women (I'm on 10 mg.)


What I really want is a new sleep aid. I have CFS in addition to depression and anxiety, and not sleeping well affects me strongly, both physically and mentally. Lately I've been taking naps in the afternoon because I am so exhausted. Bad habit to get into, I know.


Does anyone have any advice as to what sort of sleeping aid I might try? As a teenager with CFS and extreme insomnia, I was prescribed Temazepam, and it worked well for a long time. Is this a drug that is still used for insomnia? I know it has a high abuse potential, particularly in the U.K., but I need something that will knock me out, because my poor sleep is seriously hindering my mental and physical health.


Any advice or suggestions would be welcome. Thank you.

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Temazepam is still used. Here in Aus it is the go to sleep aid. Ambien has a bad reputation here. If you are taking IR Ambien it would make sense that you wake after 3-4 hours. That's about how long it lasts. Trying the CR might be a good idea in that case, but if temaz worked well for you I the past, that could be a good choice too.

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