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Viibryd and rage?

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I've been very angry lately. My therapist friend and I were seeing it as a good thing because I never feel anger and it seems healthier than depression. But it's turning into blinding rage at times and I don't even know what I am angry about. She suggested it could be the Viibryd. Has anyone had issues like this while on Viibryd? Am I just finally feeling anger that I've suppressed for so long and used against myself? I really don't want it to be the Viibryd, because it seems to be helping me. I also don't want to go ballistic and hurt someone though.

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Heyya. I just searched the forums for this med to see how others are finding it, and the whole rage issue really hit home with me. It's *such* a coincidence you also feel that seeing red is just repressed emotions as that is... well, was my theory. Now, I'm not sure! The one thing I am sure of is I have some very powerful emotional baggage. Speaking as someone who held everything inside (aside from virtual venting,) I feel a sense of liberation speaking out, even though sometimes I have to consciously pull it back to avoid damaging relationships and such.

The plus side?

This agitation, this intolerance, impatience, this feeling of possible spontaneous combustion gets me off my ass and taking care of business. As someone who is mildly OCD (or maybe just anxious), I defaulted to a standstill when overwhelmed with too many options. Now I even get angry at myself. It's not as if I'm going to sit around and loathe my indecision when I can just friggin do something. So, I do.

One example only, so as not to thread jack (I'm wordy and exploding from within, forgive me:)

I've lived in my mom's house for the past three years, and during the last year she acquired two puppies-- both of whom fall under my responsibility the majority of the time as I am reclusive and she is a workaholic. Those adorable little fluff muffins destroyed every square foot of carpet in the span of a few months. My mom had the carpet replaced with hardwood all over the house... except in my room. Sanitation is a huge thing with me. I tried everything from enzyme products, carpet cleaners, professional services, and even straight bleach to moisture absorbers, oils, incense, candles, and airing out on days of tolerable weather.

I live in my room. I don't work, I don't attend classes, I don't socialize. My 24/7 environment wreaked of bacteria and ammonia, and because I spend my time here so do they. This is also their environment, and they *live* on the ground. It was sickening.

I remember the exact moment. I was about two weeks into viibryd, lying on my couch, and the stench filled my nostrils. I had the idea, an idea that several weeks ago I would've thought was impossible for a sedentary and unmotivated individual, and at the very least just another idea that I would never act on.

That day, I took a utility blade and ripped out my carpet piece by piece. It's an ongoing process getting around the furniture, pulling boards and nails out of cement, and all manner of things and tools I was unfamiliar with and unaccustomed to. My palm bled from the crowbar and my back ached from lugging sections of heavy Barbour(sp) through the house to the tree belt. Now it's only a matter of time before the stench is gone for good, and it gets easier to breathe every day. Besides, what the hell else was I going to do with my time? I picked the thing that I *couldn't stand anymore* and I was effective in my actions. I didn't overthink it, and that's the beauty of it: this newfound sense of urgency.

My point is that it's refreshing to feel something, 'negative' though it may be, rather than hopelessness and complacency.

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