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Switching doctors

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So for the past year since my attempt, I have been seeing my gdoc. She has been taking good care of me since I lost all faith in psychiatrists. She does treat mood disorders, and has my records from previous pdocs, IP, and PHP stays. I really really like and trust her. BUT my new therapist thinks it would be good for me to be back in the hands of a pdoc, one that she personally recommends. I am on the right kind of medication for my condition, and my gdoc has experience and knowledge...but because of my tdocs recommendation I am going to give it a go. Its been a year trying to heal from the damage a psychiatrist did to me, she practically overmedicated me to the point I was barely living. I want a pdoc who prescribes the bare minimum that I need. And listens to me. And is there for me. Hopefully this one will fulfill those things. Fingers crossed. Anyway...I will see her at the end of the month, as that is the soonest I can get in. I have been severely depressed...and am doing everything in my power to hold on. Luckily, I have a therapist who is holding on with me.

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I think it's positive that your therapist, who knows you and is aware of your previous bad experience, has recommended the new pdoc.  I would definitely take some comfort in that.  The right pdoc - ie, someone who is prepared to work with you - is so important, and I hope that you find what you need with him/her.  Good luck, and hang in there.

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