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I'm cutting again

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I stopped cutting for about 2 weeks after i was arrested and my parents found out about my cuts via the police and they intervened and made me stop. They're putting me through some counseling and therapy. I promised to stop. But yesterday i got a hold of a razor and i started again. I was feeling depressed and i couldn't stop myself. I think i might be bi-polar as well. Lately i've been getting so upset that i dig my nails into my skin and cut myself with my nails. And i enjoy it. The cutting. I dont want to stop. I don't know if i need help or what...

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I am so sorry you feel this way.  You do need help.  It would be incredibly difficult if not impossible to get through this without professional help.  Don't do that to yourself.  I hope you find a dr who listens, who you can trust and who can really be of help to you.  Your parents are trying to do what's best for you.  I remember when I was cutting when I was 17 and my mom FREAKED.  Now I'm cutting again at 30 and my husband FREAKED.  It is so hard for people to understand.  Read through this and maybe share it with your parents and seek professional help.  They are there for a reason:)  I hope you start feeling better soon.  You deserve to feel well:)



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Welcome to CB. :)


I'm really sorry you've been feeling depressed, and feeling the need to cut. I have been there too, and it's really no fun. Are you taking care of your cuts with first aid supplies? It's important to take care of them, as infections can happen quickly in fresh cuts. I hope you are able to cleanse them and bandage them. 


I know you said you don't want to stop, but really, we are here to help you stop. Or, at least reduce the harm. Are you willing to consider trying alternatives to cutting? We have lots of ideas in the pinned topics at the top of the board. For example, instead of cutting, holding onto ice cubes hurts pretty bad. Or, you could try drawing on yourself with red marker. Just a couple of ideas. 


How is therapy going? I personally found therapy helpful to stop me from cutting. I hope you are finding therapy helpful for your depression too. 


Would you like to talk about what's been making you feel depressed? Sometimes there is no reason, and that's okay too. But feel free to talk about anything that's been getting you down or making you feel like cutting. We are here to support you. 

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