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doubled luvox, ocd increased--happened to anyone?

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Hi. I've been on luvox for about 8yrs. or so (so many meds, hard to remember) and it's worked best for my ocd, has really been a life-saver. But now I noticed more ocd thoughts, and compulsion is mostly to tell someone, or touching things and repeating other people. So my doctor doubled my dose of luvox from 150mg in morning to 150mg in morning and 150mg at night. I was to try this for a month and if it got better, he would would keep me at that dose but try the luvox cr (slow release) which I asked for because some people say it works better for them. It's 3/4 of the way through the month and my sis and I have this tradition of watching scary shows for Halloween month. We always put up decorations and it used to cause a lot of anxiety but it wasn't as bad so I thought, maybe the increase is helping me. But now I am having violent thoughts...I'm so ashamed. Its about my cat and I don't know WHAT I'd do without her, yet I think of violent thoughts...its terrible but I thought, what if her eyes were stapled shut or I snapped her neck. You have to realize that I don't know how I would go on without her but these FUCKED UP thoughts make me feel so bad.  I think about snapping other peoples neck too, just to see the expression of horror or disbelief because they didn't do anything wrong to me to deserve that. Like my sis. She is my best friend and if she died, I wouldn't want to live anymore.  HAS ANYONE HAD INCREASED OBSESSIONS WHEN FIRST INCREASING THEIR MEDICATION DOSE? I feel so guilty and bad for thinking of these thoughts that come back whenever they want to. I HATE IT. CAN ANYONE RELATE? PLEASE HELP!!!

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I forgot to mention, could the scary shows have triggered the violent thoughts? Also my cat has been meowing a lot lately and I've been worried that she's bored but it snowed outside and it hurts her paws to be out when its so cold. Could the persistent meowing caused bad thoughts that normal people would forget about but an ocd person can't? PLEASE READ MY ABOVE POST, I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

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I got done harm OCD thoughts not too long ago. I was afraid because images and thoughts kept being inserted into my head of me harming my mom or husband. I don't know what is do without them in my life. Just like you.

I had to go to the hospital to get through that rough period. Not saying you need that at all.

But please call your pdoc. You do not deserve this high amount of distress. There are other meds out there and/or different doses.

How long have you been in the increased dose of Luvox? Unfortunately it can take some time for it to kick in.

I hope you feel better soon.

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You have classic Harm OCD. Even if it feels horrible, it's a benign condition (you are not a danger to yourself or others). 


Acceptance is the key. You can't depend on Luvox alone (which often makes symptoms worse early in treatment - it's normal and happens with all SSRI's, it will likely get better after some time).

You need to accept the thoughts - but accept them as nonsense that your brain is conjuring up. Thoughts do NOT equal actions.


Of course thoughts about harming your cat, your sister or even yourself (I have the latter, along with some harm other and sexual obsessions) are scary. But having such thoughts do not equal actions. You can't make bad things happen just by thinking it, as well as you can't make good things happen by wishing them to. 


Do not try to "rationalize" the thoughts by thinking "they haven't done anything to me" or "is it because my cat is meowing a lot". You do not have such thoughts because you are angry or want to do bad things to anyone. You have such thoughts because you are afraid of bad things happening.

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