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New relationship

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I fear getting into a new relationship because of scars, new cuts, or just fear of relapsing and having to explain it. This person knows but hasn't seen and I just hate the shame and judgmental looks. So I sometimes think its better to be alone than with people. But it seems like a vicious circle. I'm alone so I cut but I want to be alone because I cut. Wtf?

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I had to explain the scars to SO, this summer, and it was certainly not the best moment ever, but... the moment of shame was worth it. If this person already knows and has not "reacted badly", then, chances are they can deal with seeing the scars or new cuts. And freak out a bit, because it is a natural reaction. But if the rest of the relationship works, then... it might be worth going through it?

And being in a relationship doesn't prevent having big times of "alone" too.

May the force be with you

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