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Seroquel ... years of searching, something that actually works

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I don't know if this is the honeymoon thing at the beginning of a med. However, for some reason a 10 year depression is slowly eroding away.


Somebody explain this "normal" feeling to me lol... not angry, not agitated,anxious,paranoid,shaky,jittery,obsessed. Also, unlike (most?) of the other


meds I have taken this one does not squash my emotional range ESPECIALLY like risperidone did. Like, I can still watch a good movie and feel the emotion of the


character (what the artists intended). Risperidone (or something like it, like some SSRI's and some others I have taken) would take the same movie, but instead of feeling happy/sad excited/afraid along


with the character my emotions would be blunted and go "oh... that was a good scene" but with no emotional feelings. In other words.


Risperidone didn't make my depression better, just made me not care that I was depressed, Seroquel actually relieves depression. I'm sure risperdal works for some people though. I'm sure


some of you might feel differently but my pdoc said risperidone is better suited for "hard core psychosis" and that seroquel is a bit safer for what I am dealing with.



Anybody else here like your seroquel/quetiapine? ...any anecdotes welcome! ... take care

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Great that Seroquel is working for you. I am also a big fan of Seroquel.


I did gain a lot of weight and had raised cholesterol and blood sugar levels, so my pdoc decided it was adversely affecting my physical health and it would be better not taking it.


Yes I did lose weight, my cholesterol and blood sugar levels decreased. BUT I went a bit bananas and was hospitalised. Pdoc put me on Abilify which didn't help, and so we decided to go back on Seroquel and keep a close eye on side effects.


Again it worked well for me and because I was very much aware of potential side effects I was pro-active in eating well and exercising and have actually managed to lose weight, albeit very slowly

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Lovin' the Seroquel. It takes away my crazy and I suppose what is left is just me. I can talk at normal speed and not cry or yell all the time. I'm not paranoid of every shadow or car. My son was recently put on it and he seems better too.

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Seroquel works.  The bummer is that its just such a nasty drug side effect wise.  After 10 years, I haven't been able to replace it, but I'm still looking.  But while I'm looking and trying other meds, you can be sure that I keep plenty on hand.  

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I was just prescribed seroquel today and told to keep my zoloft as well...anyone have experience with that combination? my new psych also told me to drop the klonopin (prn) which I don't think I can do...any advice or help would be greatly appreciated...


Advice? Do what your dr. told you to do and see how it goes. You can always call back and tell them it's not helping but you have to give it time.

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In response to thedrowningrescuer...


Personally, Seroquel for anxiety compared to klonopin....klonopin would be a firecracker, while Seroquel would be an A bomb. (I need the a-bomb in my case)


People respond very differently to these meds, but I can not image somebody on a max dose of Seroquel and needing any other kind of anti-anxiety med.


My pdoc says 200mg Seroquel is about as equivalent for anxiety as 1mg klonpin would be.

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