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Switching from Celexa to Zoloft and feel like I'm in hell.....

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Hi all,


This is my first post here and I'm really hoping for some insight. I've suffered from Migraines since the age of 13. When first diagnosed I was told I suffered from Acute Confusional Migraines.Fast forward 20 years. I still get migraines and they've seemed to be hormonally driven for the past few decades.


I also have GAD, Panic Attacks and depression. I had been taking 40MG of Celexa, 100mg of Topamax, and Klonapin as needed. After my last psychiatrist appt we decided to change the Celexa as my anxiety has been through the roof and the depression was not well either (due to serious family issues).


My psychiatrist had me add 25mg of Zoloft and continue with the 40 mg of Celexa and .5 Klonopin twice a day. Aside from some GI issues all was well.


Then 3 weeks ago I was told to cut down my Celexa to 20mg and increase Zoloft to 50mg. Ever since then I've been living in an migraine filled hell. I feel like I'm constantly dealing with some part of the aura stage (either confusion, numbness/tingling, visual disturbances, etc etc) or pain. I don't think there's been a day in the past three weeks where I haven't had to take either Fioricet or Maxalt for the migraine just so that I could function.


Talked to psych yesterday and he said to keep the Celexa at 20mg but bump Zoloft up to 100mg. He's hoping increasing the Zoloft will stop the migraines. I'm scared shitless this is never going to end. I've heard horror stories of coming off Celexa and I feel like I'm in one.


I've left a message for my neurologist but I came here because I need to know if anyone has dealt with anything similar or has any experience with Zoloft and migraines or Celexa withdrawals ..


Thank you all for any input.


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Hi, welcome to crazyboards.  We discourage cross-posting the same info on different boards.  It helps to keep the responses in one spot.  I am going to close this thread and leave the one in migraines open.  If you would like it moved to a different forum please let me know.

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