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Missing doses vs. halving them?

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I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. Basically, I'm prescribed Mirtazapine 15mg, and due to a mix-up, I can't get my prescription filled until a few days after my current one runs out. So I've got 3 pills left, but its 6 days until I get the next lot.

I've accidentally missed one day before, and it's been pretty bad- I have no idea how missing more than one day in a row would affect me, and I can't afford to have to miss university or work. Does anyone have any advice on what would be the best approach out of :

A) taking 1 each for the next 3 days, then going without for 3 days.
B) taking half of one each day (a problem with this approach is that the resulting 7.5mg dose isn't regarded as having an antidepressant effect).

C) taking one every other day. 



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My doctor is on maternity leave and their stand-in knows pretty much nothing about it- I'd probably trust wikipedia more than I would trust my doctors knowledge in this case >.< Mine are the orodispersable type, so splitting them would be easy to do and probably wouldn't affect absorption too much, just at the half-dose they aren't really an AD at all so it probably wouldn't do anything useful.

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Go to your pharmacy you get your refills and tell them whats going on and ask them if they will give you 3 tablets.  I think its very likely they will look up your record showing your a "regular" and be happy to give you 3.  This is not a drug thats abused (I think) so it should be a snap.   If your out of town and the local pharmacy is too far away ask the local one and give them the name of your regular pharmacy.  That worked for me when I was in a jam and the drug wasn't a narcotic or anything very abusable.   I probably shouldn't say that people find ways to abuse paint.   Sooooo dumb.

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