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I'm not sure what to say. I'm already seeing professionals, but since social phobia is one of my diagnoses, I don't have anyone to talk to about dealing with being crazy. Besides social phobia, I have depression and I'm being considered for a diagnosis of Paranoid Personality Disorder. I haven't been in treatment long so it's evolving. I'm gender non-binary.

My therapist encouraged me to talk to people, so I thought I'd start here. Since I started treatment, I've been getting some insight, so I have a lot of questions. Think of Mowgli and you'd be on the right track, except I was raised by paranoid whispers instead of wolves.


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I am also new here but decided to jump right in.  Anyway I am glad that you are reaching out to others even if it is through a website.  It is a start.  I have a stupid question. What is gender non bi-nary?  I suppose I will google that term but I wanted to ask you in case there are different interpretations of that term.  



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Thank you, everyone. I sniffed around and tried two other forums before this one. It seems more honest here.

Haunted, by gender non-binary, I mean I have gender dysphoria, but I don't just want to reverse my biological gender. I fall in the middle, in a neutral zone. I have a strong hatred for my biological body.

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Hi! I have a strong "I don't give a fuck" view of my body. I'm a woman, but I couldn't care less about what makes me a woman if I tried haha.

Welcome :)

I envy you that, in a way. It's good to have a positive view of yourself. That is a powerful weapon in a world where people are pressured to "perfect" themselves.

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