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Getting nervous pdoc appt coming soon!

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Ok well long story short. I was dignosed with bipolar back in 1989. I was on lithium, trazodone and klonopins 1mg 3x a day for about a year. I hated the blood work so I stopped after about a year in fact I stopped the klons too! Seemed ok for a few years so I was convinced I was not bipolar. Any ways got depressed and treated the depression with a new pdoc did not tell him about bipolar. Seen my primary doc for anxiety I really needed some thing for my anxiety and disruptive mood swings which I felt was caused by anxiety. Then I start having problems with focusing and concentration, paranoia, delusions and some hallucinations. So I made an appt for the ADHD test. I'm sure I have adhd because this has been a issue for me since childhood. But I am hurting in so many other areas I think I'm going to come clean on everything. I nervous because I have never wanted to deal with the bipolar, and I'm afraid it might be worse, like schizoaffective bipolar. But at the same time I am curious what they will say now. I'm also afraid they won't treat my adhd if I'm bipolar. Any one here bipolar and treated for adhd?

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I'm just nervous they will say, "oh it's just part of your bipolar". Normally I would NOT care about the adhd, it's never been a issue for me, but my current job I feel I am in over my head. I have to take classes, and also online lessons with tests constantly to keep up with my job. I put it off as much as possible because I have trouble focusing and concentrating because I get distracted so easily. Also I'm even worse in class rooms because I have a hearing problem and even with my hearing aides up full blast I have trouble. I need to keep this job. All the other jobs I've ever had I did not feel I was in over my head and never had to take classes or exams or lessons. But I do want to be honest about my bipolar diagnosis this time as I feel I am only cheating myself. Thanks for your replies!

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I take a low dose of Ritalin (10mg x 2 a day) for ADHD (inattentive)


Since 1989 there are a lot more treatments in the mood stabilizer category. 

You might find the ADHD forum really helpful: http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/forum/36-addadhd-could-you-say-that-again-i-was-listening-to-my-head/ as there are many with comorbid diagnoses that take stim or non-stim medications.


I found during school, online courses were a pain in the ass for attention, but I suppose with hearing problems they could be more beneficial to you. Check in with your schools students with disabilities centre. They may have a way to have someone take notes for you: it's free for you, the school will pay the note taker (so everybody wins!). You will still attend classes, catch what you can, but it's a great service many schools offer. All my school needed was a doctors note saying you needed accommodations. Check out the students forum too: http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/forum/59-intro-to-being-a-crazy-student-whatsamatta-u/ 


Good on you for seeking treatment again, and honesty is the best way to go. Be as thorough as time allows.

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