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I'm 18 just turned an my life is hell i suffer from really bad anxiety to the point everyday is a fighting battle! I cant leave the house, ive nit ben out in over 2 months and the last time i was out was to o yo the doctors were i had the biggest panic attack ive had! I'm bed hound basically i feel weak and achy all the time that when i do walk around the house i feel as tho I'm just going to drop! I'm petrified of dying everday I'm convincing myself today's the day I'm young to die.. I'm constantly in pain chest pain breathing funny back pain you name it.. i stopped eating for a while an had a doctor come out and see me he wasn't much help he just scared me as alls he said was to have something yo eat or he was sending me to a mental hospital which made me worse i ididnt choose not to eat:/ everytime i tried to eat i felt like i was going yo be sick and felt like it was taking my breath away.. I have recently started eating again but pain. wise and feeling like i cant breathe all the time is still there.. i think there is something else wrong with me like an illness or something an yes oh all might say its anxiety playing with your mind and these are all just symptoms but seriously I do think theres something else wrong!! i move my hands like for example I'm typing now and the aching an keep cracking? everyday I'm looking up my symptoms convincing myself i have none cancer, diabetes, I'm anemic I'm going to have an heart attack... i just cant cope anymore and my mum and dad are constantly saying if you think there's something really wrong we will drive to the hospital now and get blood test ekgs what ever you want but as much as i really really would like to do that I cant i am PETRIFIED of leaving this house!! I feel the second i get in that car to go to the hospital is the second im young yo die:( i really dont no what to do? everyday tasks such as having a wash, getting a shower ect.. are so scary to me i cant do them my mum has to wash me down mostve the time and wash my hair. anyone else feel like this because i dont no what to do anymore i feel like everyday I'm waking up to just wait to die?? I'm sooooo scared

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My therapist has a saying, "there is no way around, over or under fear, there is only through it".  Having said that, I think you should start small, like trying to go outside.  Take several deep breaths, reminding yourself that nothing bad is going to happen and step outside.  Do this a few times and then try just sitting in the car.  All the while taking deep breaths and doing positive self talk.  Then try taking a short ride.  Picture yourself blocking the anxiety.


Once you've ridden in the car, its time to go to a pdoc and see about meds to help with the anxiety.  You can do this.

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