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Everywhere I have read so far says lithium levels should be monitored.  Apparently my pdoc has a different view.  I was tested the first time because I asked about it.   He said I will be tested about 6 months after I started and as long as my levels are ok I won't need to be tested again. 


I take 600mg at night.  When I tried to up it to 900mg (added the 300 to the morning) I had really bad side effects so we lowered back to 600mg.  It seems to be working because my wild mood swings have stopped.


This pdoc has been in practice over 30 years.  On one hand that gives me comfort, on the other I wonder if he is up to date.  He said he has been prescribing lithium for 30 years.


Should I be worried that he doesn't see the necessity of checking blood levels?  I am taking a low dose and the one test had me at the lowest therapeutic level.  But that was during the time I was moving down from 900 to 600. 


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I am not currently on lithium, but was for many years in the past.  Blood tests were a must for my pdoc to make sure my levels were within therapeutic range.  I had them done in the beginning when I first started taking it, every month, until my levels evened out.  After that it was every 3 months.

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If I recall correctly, I had blood tests every 3 months in the beginning, and now (after several years) get tested every 6 months.  I don't think the fact that he's been prescribing the drug for 30 years should allow him to be so casual about this - you are a unique individual, and he needs to know how this is working in your body.  Do you feel able to raise your concern with him again?


eta it may well have been monthly tests right at the very beginning for me - I have a terrible memory for these things and have been taking lithium since around 2007.

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