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Hi All,


Mods please move if not the correct forum.


Here is the story: Im going though a very tough time due to moving from one apt to another. I've moved before many times. I can remember one time similar to what Im going through now (sheer hell) which involved me waking up at 3 am and calling my mother screaming "I can't breathe!!"


Today I had a lovely appt with my pdoc. I have been having horribly violent dreams. Super violent. And it disturbs me greatly when I wake up. One dream I had to tell the person IRL that is was about them and my uneasiness that translated into a day-long fight. The one last night thank God didn't involve said person but it was probably worse with the violence.


My tdoc dx'd me long ago with c-ptsd. My pdoc and I have never really got into it...he knows a little from me. He may know more from my tdoc as I allow them to consult with each other. Anyway, today he rx'd me Prazosin 1 mg tablets to take at bedtime to help stop these literally, bloody nightmares.


I tried to search on CB and I know there has to be someone who is either taking it for ptsd or is aware of its uses for ptsd. I couldn't find anything. I realize my research wasn't exactly thorough. Right now I am far to scared to visit the PTSD board.




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I adore prazosin - it's been amazing for me.


Before I started taking it, I had been on a TON of sleeping medications (zopiclone, quetiapine, clonazepam, lorazepam, melatonin, mirtazapine, trazadone) and nothing really helped too much and a lot of the time gave me a bad hangover.


The actual problem, I discovered, was not that I actually had insomnia, but that I had such bad hyper vigilance at night that I was unable to settle down to sleep at all.  I also had horrific nightmares preventing me from sleeping through the night.


Prazosin has really helped with both of them.  My doctor had me take 1 mg at 5 pm and 1 mg at bedtime to start, so that the hyper vigilance would start to calm down, and then I would go to bed and take the rest, and then sleep.  One thing is that I have had to up the dose a few times - I am at 7.5 mg now and that is a good dose for me - at the lower doses, my nightmares would come back after a few months.  Currently I take it all around 8 pm or so, when I get into bed, because that is when the hyper vigilance usually starts.


I am actually able to lie down and fall asleep - I can even sleep with my back to the door sometimes, which I haven't been able to do in years, though I still can't sleep in a dark room, in complete silence, or in a room with a closed door.  Mostly I find that I am able to fall asleep without startling awake every time I hear a tiny sound.  Also the nightmares are gone.


I still do dream, which is good because I actually do like my dreams, and I will have anxious dreams and the occasional nightmare, but they are much less frequent.  Before the prazosin, I was having multiple nightmares a night and I would wake up and not be able to fall back to sleep, and I would be terrified and remembering and thinking about them all day.  Now I will have one occasionally but I will sleep through it and not remember it well in the morning.  I think the prazosin dampens my autonomic response to the nightmares as well as suppressing them.


The only side effects were I did have some bizarre dreams when I first started it - mostly now I don't anymore.  Also I had my hair fall out quite a bit for a few months, but I never had a bald patch or anything.  You also do have to watch your blood pressure.  Even though I only take it at night, I still feel dizzy when I stand up, even during the day.  And I have to be careful if I need to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or anything.


I can't say it's helped my daytime symptoms much - it has a very short halflife and I think it's mostly out of my system by morning - which I actually like because it means that I am not dizzy or sleepy during the day from it.  But it has made a massive difference in my sleep.  I probably sleep better now than I have since I got PTSD in the first place.

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I also take Prazosin for nightmares and it has been a lifesaver. I actually now take part of my 3 mg dosage in the am (just 1 mg) b/c my PTSD has been "acting up" a bit lately. It has helped in the pm (no nightmares) and the am (far less anxiety). I hope it helps you! Nightmares suck.

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i took prazosin for a bit, not only to help with nightmares from PTSD but also to help with blood pressure issues...it did work for both issues but eventually i stopped dreaming all together which i found just as anxiety-producing.  i'm not currently taking it but probably wouldn't hesitate to do so for a short span to just get some undisturbed sleep.  it was one of the less-noxious meds i've taken in terms of side-effects.

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Thank you all for your help!!!

Thankfully there has been a remarkable change in dreams. Its the complete difference from horrid violence to more loving dreamss (the ones i remember). I believe that my dreamss are helping me instead of harming me.

I am a bit nervous that this is another pill I wiill have to take forever. I guess if there are no bad side effects (and i dont gain weight) thhen i wiill be ok.

I have another appt with my pdoc tomorrow.



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