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Facebook Trigger(Car Accident)

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I don't know where to begin really.....Recently, I was told that I probably have PTSD. I was told this because in 2011, I had a car accident. Things are only getting worse and worse. I have nightmares. When I drive, I avoid many places. I cry whenever  am at a stop sign and someone else approaches me because I think it will happen again, I know it will. 


Well, today, I was driving and a part of my road was blocked. I found out why later today because someone posted about it to facebook and they posted a horrible picture. I will not get into details because it is too much for me to handle and I don't want to trigger other people. There was no warning of the post. The picture was just there, out in the open. My stomach is in knots. I keep shaking with anxiety. My heart won't stop racing. I might have to take a xanax. 


I don't think I can drive on that part of the road now. I don't think I can go near that area now. It will make my flashbacks even worse than they already are now. 


What should I do about when people post triggering things? Should I say something to them privately? I mean, it is their right to post. I have no right to tell them not to, right? 


How do you cope with your triggers? This PTSD stuff is all so new. I feel lost....



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My personal opinion is that it is not up to the world to shield me. That it is up to me to learn to manage my cues. And if that means therapy or meds or whatever then that is what it takes. I can't expect the world to protect me from everything. But that doesn't make it okay for the world to go out of its way to hurt me, either.

If this is someone that you interact with frequently and that you trust to respect your limits then, yes, you can talk to them about how their post upset you. Chances are that they were upset as well, which is why they posted it. It can be helpful to share what hurts us, after all. If it's someone that you don't know that well then chances are that your speaking to them will have a higher risk of futility.

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Thank you for your input. I agree. The world can't revolve around one person and shield them. I just wasn't sure about how to react. I don't want to tell people not to post things. It is their life and their choice. I just wasn't sure what to do. 


It was posted by someone that I know in person and talk to frequently. I forgot that facebook does have the option to block me from a post. Maybe the person who posted it could block me from seeing that type of post. I don't think I can completely talk it out with her right now. It is really haunting me. 


I just wonder, how do you deal with triggers besides talking it out? Is there anything you tell yourself? I took a xanax to calm myself down. 

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When I encounter a trigger I tend to write about it my journal and/or reach out to a friend that I know will understand. I know this is talking it out (partly to yourself) but that what has helped me. Also, I write it down & bring it up the next time that I see my tdoc. If it's really bad I have to take my Klonopin. In the moment, I try to remind myself that I am safe, take deep breaths, & cry if i need to. Triggers are rough & I'm sorry that you experienced it. i was triggered my something we were shown in my Social Welfare class. I was confused as to why I got so upset until I realized that it was my PTSD. It had caught me off guard! I was accustomed to being triggered my more specific things related to the trauma that i experienced. Talking to my tdoc made me see how far reaching it can be. Hope you feel better.

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Blocking posts can be a useful short term solution, but car accidents are relatively common enough that it will be hard to completely avoid them. Really the best solution is to seek treatment for PTSD. Therapy taught me how to do things like reassure myself, self-soothe and ground myself when triggers happen. It helped me to talk through the trauma and be de-sensitised. I'm not immune to triggers by any means, but I no longer live in fear of them or restrict activities to avoid them (well, with some exceptions :P )


Car accidents are really scary and it's understandable you'd be so upset. It helped me to learn more about PTSD and I could see that my symptoms were my brain trying to protect me, just in a way that wasn't helpful anymore. 

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