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Is this a bipolar thing?

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occasionally I hear distant conversations but can not tell what is being said, once in a great while I hear brief greetings "Hello James"  but no conversation. All from the outside of my head. I have no idea what that is. I personally do not feel it can be contributed to any thing conclusively. 

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That sounds like it could be psychosis...internal dialogue like you thinking is completely different than hearing voices or conversations. Psychosis does occur in Bipolar 1 Disorder when experiencing mania or depression.


They term a particular subtype of psychosis as "auditory hallucinations" and they are starkly different from lets say paranoia (extremely irrational worry and may include persecution beliefs) or delusions (false beliefs that are believed to be true even in light of contradictory evidence). 


Mania many times includes psychotic periods...including things such as believing you are extraordinarily gifted, that God is speaking to you, that you are invincible, grandiose ideations, racing thoughts, reduced need for sleep...and if you are experiencing this type of mood fluctuation you should talk to a doctor to control this disturbance.


When psychosis occurs outside of mood disturbances such as mania or depression this may many times cause an adjustment in your current diagnosis, and treatment plan; it is important to discuss what you are experiencing and how you feel with a mental healthcare provider.


*Of course double-check these conversations are limited to you and only you, and are not mistaken for your neighbors, or any other rational explanation.


Good luck! :)

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My husband will find me walking around the house, stopping, and listening, then trying to move closer to the "sound." he either tells me what the noise is, or that there is nothing. The thing that disturbs me about hearing things out of nowhere is I think my mood, while not great, is pretty good.

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When I've been psychotic I've heard voices and multiple conversations that people have had to tell me aren't happening.  Even now, when I'm well-medicated, I'll occasionally pick up snatches of what sounds like a radio, or hear a phone ringing when it's not.  


Definitely mention it to your pdoc, if you haven't already.

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