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Hypomania in comparison to amphetamines

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I have schizoaffective disorder, and I experience periods of hypomania, which never really develops into full-blown mania. I also have a history of drug use. One of the interesting things I have noticed lately is that hypomania feels VERY SIMILAR to being on a mild dose of amphetamines. Note that many times I have experienced hypomania I was NOT on ANY drugs. I can tell that amphetamines and other stimulants can induce manic symptoms, but I have a long history of hypomania even before I started using. Anyway, the effects I noticed that both hypomania and amphetamines have in common were: increased energy/stimulation, alertness, euphoria, decreased need for sleep, creativity, racing thoughts, talkativeness, enhanced sociability, increased self-esteem and confidence. 


What do you guys think? Do you think my episodes of hypomania would help me to not use amphetamines? Whenever I'm hypomanic, I don't feel the need to use drugs, because the effects of the hypomania is good enough..

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Yes and no....hypomania and mania are stronger than a usual dose of amphetamines....they would be more relatable with methamphetamine high or very large dose of amphetamines....


Amphetamines largest focus is on dopamine...where hypomania likewise has increases in dopamine but additionally large increase in norephinephrine and seritonin.


Some users may take amphetamines and not have an induction of mania, I take amphetamine salts and do not have hypomania or mania, but the oddness of it is I will experience extreme irritation when using other variants of stimulants.


Amphetamines for me produce a calm collected focus, if anything induces mania or hypomania state it is high doses antidepressants, of course such a state will only be triggered in those predisposed to experiencing such states. 

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Are you suggesting that you want to go off your meds so that you'll become hypomanic and therefore not want to take amphetamines? Seriously? If that's what you're suggesting, then all I can tell you is that you're playing with fire and it'll do more than burn you. It can ruin your life. Permanently. 


What you need to do is take your meds as prescribed. No one here is going to suggest otherwise. 


If you're wanting to get high then you need to talk about this with your pdoc and/or therapist. I would guess from the list of meds you're on that you have a pdoc. If you don't have a tdoc (therapist) then you need to get one. You need to figure out what it is that makes your life so miserable that you want to take amphetamines. It might be the rush. If that's it then you need to talk about it with a professional who can help you figure out why you feel the need to "live on the edge." 

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No I am not suggesting that... I don't encourage ANYONE to self-induce mania. I am simply interested if anyone else notices the similarities between hypomania and amphetamines.

Good. Evidently I read stuff into that posting. Thanks for letting me know I was incorrect.


I believe there is a huge difference between hypomania and amphetamines. Hypomania can go on for ages. Amphetamines wear off and when they do, some folks crash. Both do tend to make you feel like you've got more energy and can think more clearly (whether that's true or not is open for discussion).

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Cocaine makes me happy and friendly. But I wouldn't say manic (in LA in the 80s, cocaine flooded, I mean flooded the city; so cheap).


The few time I tried Meth I hatedhatedhated it. Or maybe I should say that the first time I enjoyed it, but when I was tired mentally, it would. not. stop., even if I lay down and rested my eyes. Then I got to watch little cartoons. At that point, I hated it.


The second was all horrible, just jitters, too many cigarettes, shaking, thirst, racing mind. Kind of like early disphoryc (I CAN'T SPELL, FUCK ME) mania, although I had not yet had such a mania. I tried a smaller amount that time, because I thought less would be better, but it didn't work like that.


I should say, I had worked in a bookstore the previous year, and had cankles. The week we did meth, they miraculously disappeared, and I could see my ankle bone once again.


So ladies, embarrassed by those unsightly cankles? Well, who wouldn't be!? Just wait a moment while I get this gasoline boiling....

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The only thing close to hard core amphetamine was diet pills, I used to down them by the handful when I felt like shit, couldn't get out of bed to work.  When they reached the best high, it was kinda like hypomania but instead of being up I felt like some kind of meat puppet because my brain was depressed but my body wanted to go go go. Lots of anger.  After work, I'd come down and the depression was worse..so I'd take more when it was time to go to work--- etc etc etc

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Ritalin starts with "meth" (methyphenidate) but I take a low dose (10mg x2/day) and don't abuse it. It keeps me focused, and works well with my meds. I don't know what methamphetamine feels like - I've never touched it.  I've tried cocaine once. And only once. That surprises every professional I've told because I HATED every second. Paranoia, fear.


So hypomania isn't always enjoyable. When I tried cocaine, it did feel like a bad short burst of an almost manic episode with intense paranoia. I didn't want to touch it again. I was afraid it would never end. I thought I was going to have a heart attack, like when I'm manic, and my heart races. Ugh.


I guess its a good deterrent. Hypomania is still not good. It's best to stay as even and balanced. Stable doesn't mean "blah and boring". Emotions are normal. Even stable means "ups and downs". Stable humans have normal ups and downs and normal emotions too. We are not being drugged into unfeeling beings. Stability feels better. You aren't jittery, you don't have to worry about crashing down, getting paranoid. You can be creative and useful stable. That's the goal.


Sometimes when we're coming down from a major episode we feel like shit because we were so high, our baseline seems so far down. Or to get us down, we're brought down a little extra, but once we're stable, it can be adjusted, if that makes sense.

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