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I have been taking saphris 20mg and while titraying up I noticed getting more and more anxious to the point of panic. For no reason no provocation I get scared. I dont ferl the anxiety in my head, I just suddenly find myself with a racing heart, racing hypochondriacal thoughts, dizziness, and it feels like I'm dying which has led to a daily fear of it, that I'm maybe poisoned or sick or my Iheart is giving out. I never felt like this before and its a daily thing, sometimes just going outside or being in a new place does it so the few times I go outdoors has been more challenging.

I have noticed I can't even drink coffee anymore or I will start feeling fearful, I used to be able to drink a lot though!

I made a lot of lifestyle changes but the only variable left now is this anxiety/fear/panic. The meds help me a lot and I am told o made a huge turn around but I actually feel worse now because of this. I keep almost calling ambulance because I think o am dying, even eating food triggers it so it feels like food is poisoning me or something and its making it hard to eat now because I'm afraid. I think its the medication but I feel like medication should actually help not worsen this. Days when I have forgoten meds the snxiety is gone (a totally managable level rather than in bed scared I'm dying) so im really wondering, has anyone else felt more anxiety on antipsychotics like saphris???

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