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What happens during a reassessment?

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I was diagnosed with schizophrenia over three and a half years ago and I've been taking 5mg of Aripipriizole (spelling?) since then. I got discharged from the early intervention back to my GP about 6 months ago  because they only handle your case for three years. I asked to be seen by a pdoc again for reassessment. I've only ever had the one psychosis and I really , REALLY want to come of my meds. My GP said on the one had she understands that she doesn't want me to be on meds when i don't need to be, but she is also aware as I am of the risk. i do work full-time and i really do not want to risk another episode. What are the chances i will have another episode after over three years remission? And what happens during a reassessment? 

Sorry I took 10 mg aripirozle for about 6 months in between but it was reduced to 5mg.

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We can't predict when/if you would relapse.  I'm not sure what happens during reassessment.  I imagine they go through your history again.


I haven't had a psychotic episode in 7 years, but I chalk that up to my medication working.  Is there anything you particularly don't like about the med you are on? I would mention that to the pdoc.

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When I am feeling like I am doing really well, I don't want to go off of any meds because I don't want to relapse. 


Do you think your meds are keeping you doing well, and if you go off of them, something might relapse?  I guess what I am trying to say is that I would continue on meds if you are doing ok because they might be what is helping to keep you in remission. 


If you do go off of it though, maybe you can titrate down instead of just stopping it.

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My Gp doesnt want me to be on psychotropic meds. There was a year in which my pdoc tapered me of zyprexa and I relapsed having a psychotic break stronger than the first one. Be careful. When we feel fine we tend to want to quit meds, but maybe we are feeling fine because meds are doing their Job

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We can't predict, I don't know the odds.

If the medication is helping, stay on it.


A lot of people take meds, and then stop taking them.

"Why did you stop taking the medication?"

"Well, I felt better, so I stopped taking it"

"Did you consider that the medication was working?"


The doc will ask the questions, answer truthfully. Congrats on being well so long, having a job!

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