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If I had a hammer


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But now I do. I have the beginnings of a diagnosis and a treatment outline. I can assess my life and ask myself what's working and what's bogging me down, no pun intended.

I see this potentially leading me a bad direction. As a suspicious and paranoid person, I question and analyze everything for its layers, obsessively sometimes. I know if I'm not careful, I'll pull myself inside out. "When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

How have you all handled this? It's normal to be curious about ourselves and our inner workings, but how do you keep from scorched earth pathologizing? Is there a point where you decide "here there be dragons" and leave it at that? I'm not sure where to draw that line. Edit: that's not clear enough. I mean that I'm not sure how to decide how to draw that line, let alone stick to it.

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Are you seeing a therapist?  A tdoc is a really good person to bounce these things off of.  You could write down what you are questioning and go through it with them.


For me, I had to put complete faith in my pdoc that the diagnosis and treatment plan she gave me were the right ones.  I took her assessment and went with it.  Its hard to stay med compliant if you're constantly questioning things.  I do look things up to further educate myself, but I only look up things to do with my diagnosis, not a dx I think I *might* have.  If I do go down the path of "what if I have X", I ask my pdoc what she thinks.

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" As a suspicious and paranoid person,...    How have you all handled this? "


It's not without its own potential for a philosophical death-spiral, but I find it important not to let one's own suspicious nature, scepticism cynicism etc. be exempt from one's own suspicious nature, scepticism cynicism etc.


These precisely do not belong in an exceptional area allowed to be free from doubt or be beyond questioning.


If there were nice absolute certainties to trust or build from, it would be simpler.

I find it's not often like that, so mostly I operate with probabilities and provisional truth.  "The best I've got, for now."

But handling claims to truth, and detecting the mistaken and false, now that is a very big field.




"I think we may be the only two sane people left on this planet.

And I'm starting to have some doubts about me."

(and variations)



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